Who We Are

The Genie Group is a 40 year-old marketing and fulfillment company, we service all distribution industries, focusing on electronics. Since January 1st, 2024, the Genie Group proudly stands as the nation's only electronic buying group. We specialize in providing solutions that add value, save costs, and make "doing" business easier.
The Genie Group is a trusted partners, who understands the day to day costs of running a business. Our Members all share the same goals, and we work hard to fulfill them by providing value added savings - with business expenses, purchasing, marketing, and inventory management.

Our Mission

At Genie Group, our mission is to enhance distribution channels and foster meaningful connections by cultivating specialized partnerships with suppliers. We achieve this by providing customized marketing strategies, efficient channel management, and delivering authorized product lines to distributors. Our committed team takes great pride in delivering exceptional, personalized customer service. Together, we harmonize these efforts to propel success and drive growth.

Supplier Value

  • Access to a diverse group of over 700 distributors ranging in size from $1 million - $500 million+
  • Channel management and rationalization support to reduce costs
  • Targeted sales and marketing services that go beyond fulfillment to support growth

Distributor Value

  • Access to over 40 authorized lines
  • Blind drop-ships
  • Training and marketing programs
  • Sales and customer support designed to promote growth and success
  • Products are ONLY sold to distributors - no end user sales

What's going on at Genie Group? 

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