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Genie Group has another supplier addition for 2021! Carlo Gavazzi products are now available to Genie Group distributors. Carlo Gavazzi’s vast array of products includes solid-state relays, sensors, monitoring relays, energy metering and management products, contactors, motor controllers, fieldbus systems, and a growing range of renewable energy products and solutions. These products serve harsh environments, various styles & features, and industries.

Specific industries Carlo Gavazzi serve are:

Industrial Automation:

Plastics, Packaging, Food/Beverage, Material Handling, and Agricultural

Building Automation:

Energy Metering/Management, Intelligent Building Solutions, Elevator/Escalator, HVAC, Automatic Doors/Access, and Parking Guidance


Water, Waste Water, Mining, and Process Industries

Below are specific product lines Carlo Gavazzi offers:



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