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The Chemtronics Coventry line keeps contamination out of your process and performs consistently for any controlled environment. With a variety of product options, you will be able to find something for any demanding application.

Coventry Cleanroom Chamois
    • Semiconductors
    • Disk Drive
    • Aerospace
    • Optical Lenses
Static Dissipative Swabs
    • Fabric Swabs are compatible with solvents such as dilute or weak acids
    • Foam Swabs are compatible with most common solvents such as isopropyl alcohol or methanol.
Poly-Onyx Wipes
    • Semiconductor
    • Aerospace Production Areas
    • Disk Drives Production Areas
    • Pharmaceutical / Biotechnical Production Areas
    • General Clean Room
    • Static Sensitive Surfaces
Wrapped Foam Swabs
    • Apply adhesives or lubricants into tight tolerance area
    • Splice and assembly of fiber optics
    • Dispense or remove solvents
    • Remove contamination from disk drives
    • Scrub metal oxides from electrical contacts


Check out the Chemtronics instructional video on using a Coventry Wipe!