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Caig DeoxIT chemically dissolves surface contamination without harm to metals and plastics. This improves part performance, the connection and lubricates the surface to prevent electrical glitches, intermittents, or data errors. By maintaining the part integrity or bringing back the reliability and dependability, you can save on repairs and replacements. Deoxit is used in a range of applications such as OEM/Manufacturing, Assembly/Test, Service/Maintenance, Electronics and more.  Watch’s Caig’s video on selecting the right Series for your application!

DeoxIT D-Series

    • General Purpose
    • Metal Surfaces

Gold G-Series

    • Plated Surfaces (Gold and Other Precious Metals
    • Critical Applications

Shield S-Series

    • Use After DeoxIT
    • Seals and Protects Metal Surfaces
    • Ideal for High Degrees of Pollution are Present

Fader F-Series

    • Precision Lubricant to Improve Conductivity
    • Plastic and Carbon Compound Faders
    • Switches

Check out Caig’s Product Selection Guide to find the best product for your application.