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Chemtronics Dusters are safe for industrial markets because quality is closely controlled and the material is highly filtered. They are safe to use on sensitive surfaces because they do not contain the chemicals that can cause harmful residues.

Highlighted Dusters for Chemtronics:

Chemtronics Duster Applications (ES1017, ES1217, ES1617): removing debris from office equipment and surface contamination for A/V equipment.

152a Blast Applications (ES1029): cleaning dust from de-energized electronics (computers, postage meters, servers, ect).

Ultrajet  Applications (ES1015): cleaning particles from contacts, relays, and precision optics.

Duster Features:
    • Nonflammable
    • Regular Cleaning Strength
    • Leaves No Residue
    • Safe On Plastics
152a Blast Features:
    • High Powered Cleaning Strength
    • Flammable
    • Safe On Plastics
Ultrajet Features:
    • Bigger Blast than Competitive Dusters
    • Leaves No Residue
    • Safe on Plastics

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