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MEGA Electronics is the latest Supplier to be added to Genie Groups line card. They offer a range of Power Cords, External Power Supplies, and DC/DC-AC/DC Converters as well as custom cords. A key product of theirs is the IEC Lock Connectors. They protect appliances that are vulnerable to vibration by having a red lock feature that requires someone to slide and release the connector to be removed from the inlet. A few IEC Lock applications are: data centers, outside broadcast, medical, military, and maritime.

MEGA Power Cords
    • Volume Flexibility
    • International Molded Plugs
    • UL/CSA Configuration
Power Supplies
    • Custom Design
    • Wide Range of DC Output Plugs
    • Medical Versions
    • Fixed or Wide Voltage Input
    • Withstands Vibration
    • Custom Design
    • Continuous Short Circuit Protection

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