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Techspray Replacements for 3M Novec

March 23, 2023

3M has announced that they are in the process of phasing out their Novec PFAS-based product lines due to careful consideration and evaluation of the negative effects PFAS have on the environment.  PFAS are widely used in high precision cleaning applications and are crucial in manufacturing many products such as medical technologies, phones, airplanes, and more. These products will be fully discontinued by the end of 2025. 

Novec cleaners are known for their effectiveness in cleaning electronic components without leaving any residue and has been a preferred choice for industries that require a high degree of safety and accuracy in their cleaning processes.  Industries including electronics, aerospace, defense, and more are now searching for viable alternatives to replace Novec. 

Fortunately, Techspray offers a range of products that are a direct replacement to Novec cleaners, providing an immediate solution for those seeking alternatives.  These products provide the high degree of safety, efficiency, and effectiveness that meet the needs of those in the industry.

Techspray offers the following alternatives:

3M Novec #

Techspray Drop-in Replacement


Precision-V 3710


Precision-V 371DA


Precision-V 371DE


Precision-V 371IPA


Precision-V 3720


Precision-V 372DA


Precision-V 372DE


Precision-V 3730


Precision-V 373DE


Thanks to Techspray, industries can continue their operations uninterrupted by the discontinuations of 3M Novec cleaners.

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