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November 10th, 2023



What are the Benefits of Being a FLIR Distributor?


As a Genie distributor, you gain distinction as a recognized partner of FLIR, a leading expert in thermal imaging and infrared technology. This partnership unlocks a multitude of benefits that go beyond cutting-edge thermal imaging technology. By partnering with FLIR, we can provide application specific solutions that resonate with your customer base. These advantages extend to both end-users and our distributor partners, creating a win-win scenario.


Product Portfolio

FLIR offers a wide range of thermal imaging and infrared products, including cameras, sensors, and other equipment. As a distributor, you have access to this comprehensive product portfolio, which can cater to various industries and applications.



Market Demand

Thermal imaging technology is in demand across multiple sectors, including industrial, security, automotive, and more. Becoming a distributor allows you to tap into these growing markets.


Brand Recognition

FLIR is a well-established and respected brand in the field of thermal imaging. Associating your business with a reputable company can enhance your credibility and reputation in the industry.



Training and Support

 FLIR provides training and technical support to its distributors. This ensures that you and your staff are knowledgeable about the products, can provide valuable pre-sales and post-sales support to customers, and can effectively market FLIR's products. As a Genie and FLIR distributor you can receive free training from the Infrared Traning Center. You can also schedule onsite demos.

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Marketing and Sales Resources

Here at Genie, we can provide FLIR marketing materials and sales resources to assist our distributors in promoting their products. This can include access to branding materials and marketing collateral. For questions or marketing materials please email Madison at .


Warranty and Service

FLIR often extends warranty and service support to customers through their authorized distributors, ensuring customer satisfaction and after-sales service.