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Speco Technologies — Digital Deterrent

August 1, 2022



Speco Technologies strives to be more than just a witness. The best way to stop crime is to prevent it from happening. That is exactly what Speco Technologies is doing. With our patented Digital Deterrent technology, we want to actively deter crime before it happens. With our new O4TDD1M AND O4BDD1M cameras, you can do just that. Both cameras capture video up to 4 megapixels at 30 frames per second. Additionally, these cameras are both NDAA Compliant and come with an included Junction box, free of charge. Both cameras are equipped with both Audio and Visual Deterrence as well as Advanced Analytics, which drastically reduce false alarms and allows your unit to be much more accurate.

When paired with either vehicle or human detection, O4TDD1M AND O4BDD1M will trigger both audio and visual deterrence. The audio deterrence comes in the form of a pre-recorded audio message. This is a customizable feature to relay messages to anyone in the area. An example of an effective audio message is “Warning: You are Under Surveillance” to give the potential thief in the area a reason to reevaluate their choice. Secondly, the visual deterrent is equally as effective. Both the O4TDD1M and O4BDD1M come equipped with red and blue LED lights, to mimic that of a security vehicle.

Our goal is simple, to prevent crime from occurring. With our new Digital Deterrent Cameras, Speco Technologies has the ability to provide you with the best possible solution for any application. We want to assist you in protecting your property, and giving the ultimate peace of mind to our customers. Users can rest assured that Speco Technologies has their back, and our Digital Deterrent Cameras can be the front line of defense to any surveillance system.

These cameras are in stock and ready to ship TODAY! To learn more about Digital Deterrent, contact Genie group at 615-771-9412.