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Marinco — The New EEL ShorePower™ - Get a watertight seal everytime!

March 1, 2022

Introducing the new EEL ShorePower™ by Marinco.  EEL (Easily Engaged Lock) ShorePower™ eliminates the need for a traditional locking ring thanks to the patented locking system that creates a watertight seal every time to ensure safety. 


This product clamps down and doesn’t release to create a safe shore power connection and watertight seal.  The EEL includes:

  • Patented Jaw Clamp technology to ensure a watertight seal every time
  • Proprietary built-in cord light for added safety – an alert light will indicate if the user is still plugged in
  • Power Indicator Light on both ends to inform users that power is flowing through the cord
  • Secondary lock for added security
  • Universal Connection – connection to any brand, NEMA configured inlet


For more information, contact Genie Group at 615-771-9412.