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Teledyne Flir — FLIR VS80

August 17, 2022


FLIR VS80 Kits – A High Performance Videoscope that will provide ideal flexibility for fast inspections!

Introducing Teledyne Flir’s new FLIR VS80 high performance videoscope.  This new product will allow multifaceted and professional images and videos when inspecting difficult or unsafe locations. 

With FLIR VS80 videoscope probes, you can preform virtually any inspection such as

  • Industrial equipment maintenance
  • HVAC/R
  • Building & automotive applications
  • And More!

This product is compatible with seven unique probes with waterproof camera tips making it adaptable for nearly any kind of inspection.  FLIR VS80 is compatible with the following probes:

  • 4.5 mm × 1 m, 2-Way Articulating Camera Probe (VS80A2-45-1RM)
    • 4.9 mm × 1 m, Dual HD Camera Probe (VS80C2-49-1RM)
    • 5.5 mm × 1 m, HD Camera Probe (VS80CHD-55-1RM)
    • 5.5 mm × 1 m, Camera Probe (VS80C55-1RM)
    • 6 mm × 2 m, 4-Way Articulating Camera Probe (VS80A4-60-2RM)
    • 10 mm × 25 m, Plumbing Camera Probe (VS80C10-25RM)
    • 19 mm × 1 m, IR Thermal Camera Probe (VS80CIR-21)

Each probe can inspect hard to reach places thanks to their narrowness.  They also result in clear and vivid images that appear on the 7-inch touchscreen display.  You can also easily download and share files from the VS80 app using the FLIR Tools Mobile app.

For more information on the FLIR VS80, contact Genie Group at 615-771-9412.