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HellermannTyton Announces Helacon Releaseable Wire Connectors

August 22, 2023

Plastic wire connectors are a thing of the past. Electricians know the procedure well. First, wires are twisted together, followed by the application of plastic nuts. Occasionally, extra precaution is taken by wrapping electrical tape around the connection as a safety measure.

No one wants uncertainty when it comes to finalizing electrical connections. The Helacon Releaseable Wire Connectors are a revolutionary alternative to the conventional twist-on wire connectors. These connectors offer swifter, simpler, and more dependable ways to connect and distribute cables and conductors during electrical installations.


Lever features

HelaCon Releasable Wire Connectors are equipped with levers that can be opened to facilitate the insertion and adjustment of wires. Once the wire is in place, the lever can be snapped shut, ensuring a reliable connection.

Furthermore, the lever serves as a convenient release mechanism, streamlining maintenance tasks. In contrast, traditional wire nuts necessitate the unscrewing of the fastener, followed by the separation of twisted wires. This process proves challenging for solid wire and may even lead to the breakage of stranded wire.




HelaCon Releasable Wire Connectors are perfectly compatible with 12 AWG solid wire and 14 - 28 AWG stranded wire. When dealing with wire nuts, connecting more than three wires can become a tricky task. However, with HelaCon connectors, linking up to five conductors is a breeze.

These connectors are adept at joining both solid and stranded wires within the same housing, enabling flexible wire management. Their transparent casing facilitates inspections by offering a visual confirmation that wires have been correctly inserted.

Efficiency and safety combined – that's the essence of HelaCon, exclusively brought to you by HellermannTyton.


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