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December 15, 2022

SolaHD SDU DC – B Series DIN Rail UPS

This product from SolaHD is one of your best options for back-up power protection needed to convert DC & AC power.  Most systems are wasteful and convert from AC to DC multiple times while the SDU DC – B Series DIN Rail UPS avoids wastefulness and maximizes system uptime and reliability.

Some features:

  • Modular, rugged industrial grade design – No internal fan & no extra cooling required
  • Microprocessor based controls
  • Automatic self-test feature for UPS function & battery management check
  • Power module wide operation temperature range
  • Overload protection in normal and battery modes
  • IP-20 rated input and output screw terminals
  • Universal dry contact relay terminals – provide remote signaling with push-pin connectors
  • LED status indicators




SCP-X Series Standalone IP67 Power Supplies

This is a new 10 amp version of the SCP-X Series power supply.  The SCP-X Series Standalone IP67 Power Supplies are for higher inrush current applications that require a step-up converter such as in automotive and material handling environments.  The power supplies can be mounted almost anywhere on machines, conveyors, and walls and do not require enclosure.  Costly wiring is eliminated thanks to the quick-connect cables that ensure IP67 ratings.




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