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Ohmite Manufacturing is the latest addition to the Genie Group line card! They offer a range of products including: resistors, EMI Filters, Power Controls, Heatsinks, and Capacitors. Offering the latest technology in resistors they provide products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications. Ohmite supports applications in the Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Military, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation, and more. Their wide range of products and applications means Ohmite is a great addition for your customer base!

Power Resistors

A power resistor is capable of dissipating 5 watts or more. Different types of power resistor constructions include wirewound, carbon & ceramic composition, think film, thin film, and more.

Ceramic resistors

Ohmite offers various types of resistors such as: Tubular, Axial, Slab, Water-Cooled Resistors, and more. They are compatible with a variety of end products including: Charging Stations, Switchgear, Motor Controls, and Defibrillators.

EMI Filters

EMI filters work by subduing radio frequency on PCB boards, wire, or signal trace. Filter offerings: Inlet, Single Phase, Three Phase, Dual Stage, and PCB.

Power Controls

Power controls range from .5 watts up to 1WK of power dissipation.


Many of Ohmite’s heatsinks are fitted with a patented clip system which provides a streamline assembly process.


Ohmites capacitors offers a range of geometries and electrical characteristics.