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Extech launches new Test Measurement Tools for Temperature, Humidity, and CO/CO2. The IR Thermometer provides fast temperature measurements with a dual laser to target the area between two points. The Indoor Air Quality Meter monitors air quality for Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide levels. There is a programmable feature with an audible alarm for a CO warning level on the CO260. The Mini Hygro- Thermometer monitors temperature and humidity conditions in enclosed or open spaces.

IR320 Waterproof Dual Later IR Thermometer

    • HVAC/R Diagnostics
    • Insulation Inspection
    • Automotive Troubleshooting

CO260 Indoor Air Quality Meter and Datalogger

    • Schools
    • Greenhouses
    • Factories
    • Hotels

RHM16 Hygro-Thermometer Monitor

    • Musical Instrument Cases
    • Humidors
    • Retail Display Cases
    • Homes
    • Offices

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