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Extech’s new line of 8 Test Tools feature easy, efficient, and accurate readings for a range of uses. The Light Series Meters offer a quick way of measuring indoor/outdoor light intensity levels, solar power, and UV-AB light. The Digital Brix Refractometer measures sucrose levels in liquids, food and concentration of industrial fluids. The Refrigerant Leak Detector has an LED light bar to indicate the level detected for air-conditioning and cooling systems. Extech’s Product Bulletin provides details for the 8 new products available.

Test Tools:
    • Light/UV/Solar Power Pocket Meters
    • Wireless Weather Station Kit
    • IR Thermometer
    • Refrigerant Leak Detector
    • Digital Brix Refractometer
    • Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
    • Stopwatch
    • Food & Beverage
    • HVAC
    • Temperature
    • Solar Power
    • Industrial


Extech’s Youtube Channel shows the different uses for their test tools!

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