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Temperature Reading Solution – Speco Technologies

Speco Technologies introduces the O2TML Temperature Reading Panel Solution. The O2TML reads elevated body temperatures and recognizes if someone has a mask on, and an alarm is triggered when high temperature or a mask-less face is detected. This solution supports...
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DeoxIT Series – CAIG

Caig DeoxIT chemically dissolves surface contamination without harm to metals and plastics. This improves part performance, the connection and lubricates the surface to prevent electrical glitches, intermittents, or data errors. By maintaining the part integrity or...
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MR277 FLIR Moisture Meter

The FLIR MR277 is a moisture meter that provides fast, non-invasive readings. You can quickly locate and identify critical moisture and building envelope issues. Capture physical details on thermal images for clear interpretation of potential issues. Features:...
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G3 Line Cleaners Overview – Techspray

The G3 Line are nonflammable, zero residue, power cleaners saving time and materials. These economical cleaners are non-ozone depleting, NSF registered K1 and K2, and dielectric strength.   G3 Line Blue Shower Maintenance Cleaner Clean Oil and Contaminants NSF...
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