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IR Windows Inspection & Monitor – FLIR

Flir’s IR Windows are a protective barrier from energized equipment. They eliminate the need to remove panel covers or electrical cabinets to allows for fast and efficient inspections. Employers/Employees will no longer have to pile on layers of protection or...
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Power Supplies DC (DM Series)- Acme Electric (Hubbell)

Acme Electric’s DM Series DC Power Supplies line are ideal for industries such as: automotive, machine tool, packaging, food processing, panel builders, and automation. The ease of installation and multi use make these an ideal solution for control applications....
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Cloud Storage – Speco Technologies

Speco Technologies offers a secure Cloud Storage using their Cloud-Enabled IP Cameras at a competitive price. The Speco Cloud App allows for multiple users to have access for live viewing & audio, clip downloads, and schedule recordings. Multiple IP Cameras can be...
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SDN-C Series Power Supplies Sola HD

The SDN-C DIN rail power supplies combine high efficiency and compact size with new visual diagnostic LEDs to offer the most performance. This series high efficiency saves energy and lowers the amount of heat generated in the panel. The adjustable voltage makes it...
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