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L-Com — New IoT Sensors

February 14, 2023

This product line includes new IoT sensors as well as new IoT fiber optic sensor amplifiers and cables and are essential to:

  • Industrial process and control
  • Automated detection
  • Hydraulic & full-motion control
  • Piplines
  • Ventilation Systems
  • And many more applications

The new IoT sensors accurately measure pressure, temperature, and humidity.  This new line includes temperature switches, transmitters, and compact infrared sensors for tight spaces.

Key Features of the IoT Sensors and Fiber Sensor Amplifiers:

  • Micro-fused silicon strain gauges
  • Leak-free elastomer structure
  • Independent pressure & temperature outputs
  • Robust resistance to shock, overload & vibration
  • Infrared sensors for measurement without contacting measured object
  • Amplifier display for signal & threshold levels
  • Single (PNP) or dual (NPN) outputs on amplifiers

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