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Teledyne FLIR — FLIR Scout TKx

March 27, 2023

Easily explore the outdoors and stay aware of your surroundings with FLIR’s Scout TKx Thermal Imaging Monocular!

The FLIR Scout TKx is designed for outdoor use at night and in lowlight conditions.  The lightweight, portable, easy-to-use design makes the Scout TKx a convenient tool for applications such as observing wildlife, home security, public safety, and more.


The Scout TKx is equipped with an extended battery life and FLIR’s advanced thermal imaging technology which allows clear detection of people, objects, and animals from up to 90 meters (100 yards) away.  Thermal images and videos recorded by the Scout TKx can be enhanced with multiple color palettes, including InstAlert™ which highlights the hottest objects in the scene using color.

Key features

• Easy to Use:  This product has a simple, four-button, compact design that allows for single-handed operation and features an intuitive interface.

• Reveals your Surroundings: Users can see people, objects, and animals at night and in lowlight settings from far away.

• Reliable & Versatile: This device is designed for various outdoor applications and no training is required.

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